Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Gravitational Sound Paint Photography

Switzerland-born Fabian Oefner is a photographer and artist who is fascinated by the movement and dynamics between art and science. He uses the natural phenomena of sound waves, centripetal forces to explore different perspectives of his own art work.

'Orchid' is Oefner's most recent project as a continuation of his Action Paint series, which includes 'Black Hole' and 'Liquid Jewel.' The installation is a play on gravity and how it can be used to manipulate paint. He uses a rock or a metal sphere and simply drops the object into a tub of paint; he uses a sound-triggered camera flash system so that when an object falls into the paint, making a sound, the flash will be triggered to take the photograph. 

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Beautifully Embroidered Silk Paintings by Art of Silk

Art of Silk produces beautiful silk embroidery art whose subjects range from fine art paintings and scenic landscapes to animal and floral portraits. Aside from producing traditional embroidery, though, the company has developed new methods of reproducing the intricate art. Founder Christopher Leung tells , "We've combined this 2500-year-old art form with modern technology."

Check out the video, below, for a comprehensive look at Art of Silk's process.

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Triangular Light Sculptures

Created for the Festival of Lights 2013, GRID by Christopher Bauder, an interaction designer and media artist based in Berlin, Germany, is a monumental kinetic light sculpture that will be dropping jaws left, right and center. Made up of glowing triangles, it looks like something straight out of the upcoming 'TRON: Uprising' film. What makes it particularly arresting is that it comes alive when accompanied by a choir singing 45 Concert Hostel God and electronic notes by Robert Henke.

Also changing a variety of neon colors, GRID by Christopher Bauder is made up of 50 triangles and 150 LEDs motorized bars. Suspended from the ceiling, it forms straight lines, diagonals and diamonds. GRID by Christopher Bauder is located in the heart of the Hôtel de Région Rhône-Alpes and was produced by Tetro. 

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Reflective Landscape Art

Part of the appeal to Misa Funai's artwork is that it transforms the current room into a part of the artwork itself. Because the actual shapes are comprised of mirrors, this allows viewers to act as a component to the actual artwork displays.

Misa Funai creates her art via wall-mounted mirrors that are shaped into various things: animals, landscapes, and so forth. These works of art generally stick to an outdoor/natural theme but what is most interesting is that each of these pieces then reflect parts of the room (or the viewer) to add to their own interpretive understanding. This concept is to contribute to an 'imaginary world' in which the viewer is carried into different settings based on their angle.

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Street Art Aquariums

Designed by artist Dean Zeus Coleman, the Zeus Graffiti Fish Tank is an impressive piece of plexiglass construction that houses live fish within the confines of classic street-style artwork.

In true street art style, the word fish has been shortened to the basic letters FSH which are all interconnected and sliced through with an arrow to let everyone know that they are now approaching fish territory so they better show some respect. Through this project, Coleman has transformed the traditional tank, giving it a more aesthetic appearance so that it plays a central role in a room's design scheme.

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Water-Warming Windows

Solar energy isn't used to its full potential in the typical modern home, yet a concept like the Water Wall is not so far-fetched. Here we have an innovative solution to for a water heater that's environmentally friendly, space-saving and aesthetically pleasing.

Designed for TOOUT Industrial Design Co. Ltd. by Shi Qiang and Liu Zhong Liang, the tank sheds the metal canister in favor of an aquarium-inspired setup. Essentially, the Water Wall is built into a window in your bathroom, sealed on the sides and sandwiched as a sufficiently spaced-out pair of glass panes. Doubling as a privacy diffuser, the fluid-filled fenestration absorbs the sun's warmth to increase the temperature of the liquid inside. This is then sent to your faucet and shower. 

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One of the biggest engineering projects, in Chernobyl

One of the biggest engineering projects on the planet, is underway to protect the area of the damaged nuclear reactor in Chernobyl, almost 30 years after the worst ever nuclear accident.

An arch is built up to seal hundreds of tons of nuclear fuel buried inside one of the reactors, that blew up in 1986 and burned for almost 10 days.

Chernobyl’s 1.5bn euro arch it’s not a simple construction. Workers can only spend a few hours at the site before reaching the largest radioactive exposure limit.
Work has started removing sections weighing up to 55 tons each. They must be cut off with a plasma cutter by teams of two men and removed by crane—a nerve-wracking process. If a crane fails, or an operator miscalculates, and a section falls into the reactor, this too could release a new cloud of radioactive dust into the atmosphere.

via BBC

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Chinese Desert Resort Appears Like A Mirage

The Lotus Hotel, designed by Beijing-based architecture firm PLaT Architects, is a resort complex with buildings that blend into the surroundings.

The resort is located in the Chinese Xiangshawan Desert and PLaT Architects took into consideration the limitations of the geographic conditions of the hotel site and designed a structural system created out of pre-fabricated steel panels and skeleton structures that help keep the building stable in the sands. The base of the building is like a large container of sands and the sands in and out of the structure exert the same pressure, thus, keeping the entire structure stable. The walls are load-bearing to lessen the pressure on the base and help stabilize the building.

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Light Projections Transform Tunnel Into A Revolving Wonderland

Digital projection artist and self-proclaimed master of illusion Skertzò  transformed a tunnel in Lyon last weekend into a shapeshifting wonderland, for the annual Festival of Lights (Fête des Lumières Lyon).

The Tunnel de la Croix Rousse was given over to the artist for the four day festival celebrating and honouring the Virign Mary. Skertzò created different digital projections called Anamorphosis, which  transformed the tunnel into a variety of landscapes including a woodland and a giant version of the town of Croix Rousse. The artist played with scale, creating illusions that made visitors feel both bigger and smaller than real life as they passed through the tunnel, helping them forget themselves and their surroundings for one moment.

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Designer creates 3D Drawings In Water With LIght

Champagne maker Perrier-Jouët collaborated with designer Simon Heijdens on a series of nine hand-blown glass vessels each of which contain evolving 3D drawings suspended in water. Heijdens debuted the series, Phare No. 1—9 at 2013 Design Miami. On initial viewing, each of the vessels are capped with a light fixture that illuminates water with what appear to be drops of dye. The installation rewarded visitors who were patient as they got to see a mix of three-dimensional organic and geometric forms take shape in mid-water. To keep an element of mystery, Heijdens hasn’t divulged exactly how the process works. We guess that it is a dye in the water that is activated by a very sharply focused UV light.

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